Spring Cleaning with H&M

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Time to clean out that closet! If your wardrobe needs a pick me up, check this video out before you give away your clothes!

H&M and I teamed up to bring you this message about their new garment recycling program because it pays you for recycling your old clothes. For every bag of clothes given, you will receive a 15% off voucher any 1 item of your choice for each bag you give. You can donate all clothing items from any brand. Missing socks, t shirts, scarves, etc. Whatever, they’ll take it!


GET A FRIEND TO HELP YOU EDIT: This adventure is more fun with a friend. When you are going through your closet and picking which items to donate, it always helps to have a friend help you edit. Send your fashion helper photos! They can give a “thumbs up” or “down” when you’re not sure if its something you should donate or keep.

USE REUSABLE STORAGE BAGS: Pack your clothes in recyclable reusable bags when you are taking them to the store. Save plastic and paper!

SHOP CONSCIOUSLY: Shopping vintage or secondhand is the most eco-friendly. But when you do buy clothes new, you can choose to buy clothes made from sustainable materials. Such as organic cotton. Tencel. And recycled polyester.

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H&M is a proud sponsor of this video.


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