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This is a redo of the lipgloss video I made last year. The first version had poor explanation. I was not happy with the older video so I redid it. This trick will show you how to get every last drop of your lipgloss. Every gloss lover should know this trick. People are asking about bacteria, but I’ve been doing this for years and never saw a problem with it. It’s like leaving your lipgloss in the hot car. Make sure the water is not too hot, or else it will warp your lipgloss tubes. If you want to use it for mascara, I would not recommend it (just buy a new tube), but if you must, add a few drops of olive oil in the mascara to get the texture smooth and not so dry again. This also works for Urban Decay Potion Primer. Just put it all in a little container like I did to that lipgloss. This will also work on nail polish, just make sure to add a few drops of nail polish thinner!

Remember, only remove the rubber stopper and dump the lipgloss in a container when your wand cannot reach the leftover gloss. That way you can use every last drop of your lipgloss. If it’s still half full, DO NOT remove the rubber stopper and just use it as is.

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