Late Night Alumni Behind The Scenes

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Sorry for lack of videos. I’ve been enjoying Final Fantasy XIII way too much!

I’ve been a big fan of Late Night Alumni ever since I first heard their single “Empty Streets” in 2005. I’m a huge supporter of Late Night Alumni and I’ve trying to spread their amazing music to everyone. I’m so lucky to have amazing talented friends like Becky, Finn and John. Here is a behind the scenes look for the music video Finally Found. Of course, I’m their makeup artist and light bulb holder! =D

Enjoy and check out their music video!

To buy their Re-released “Finally Found”

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Makeup was provided by Lancome.

Thank you Voung for being the best camera man!

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The makeup was interesting. We were going for a glistening look. Where Becky is suppose to look as if she’s borderline sweating/glistening on stage. The problem I personally had was that with the intense lighting, anything shiny would magnify imperfections. Most people prefer a matte face for filming, but in this case, I was told “Glossy face”. I decided to use glycerin because glycerin is incredible for creating super glossy texture on the skin. I was afraid that it would clog Becky’s pores, so I made sure to give her a good skin care facial before I applied the makeup. We kept her eye makeup simple and natural. Overall, she looks amazing regardless!


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