******CONTEST – FIRE & ICE*******

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Submit an entry of Fire & Ice makeup contest sponsored by FaceFront Cosmetics!

Rules as follows:

Any applicant, from any country is welcome to join in the contest, but should be aware that Nordstorm is only available in the United States and they do not ship internationally. If the winner is from any other country, FaceFront Cosmetics will be happy to substitute the $50 USD in Nordstrom cash as a $50 FaceFront Cosmetics Gift Card. Lastly, if the winner is in Canada, FaceFront is happy to award a $60 CAN gift card to LA BAIE (in English, The Bay, a department store similiar to Nordstrom) instead of Nordstrom of FaceFront Cosmetics Gift Card.

Contest entries must be received by December 23rd at 11:59PM EST. No late entries accepted. All videos *must* be posted to the contest video as a response. Photos are valid substitutes, but encouraged to be included as a slide show as a video and to be posted accordingly as a response to the contest video. If you would like to just use a series of photos, you can e-mail them to: ytsarahvictor@yahoo.com

Also, gifts are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-RETURNABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE (unless otherwise noted, as in the case of an international winner exchanging their Nordstrom cash for a FaceFront Gift Card or La Baie card).


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