Antique Smokey Eyes

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I went to an antique store, and saw this beautiful brass teapot. I was instantly inspired by it’s beautiful aged color, and thought it would look so elegant on the eyes. Here is my rendition of antique smokey eyes with just using 2 simple colors.

Lip Balm

Buddha Lip Balm

Gold and Metallic grey.

The gold color is from

Metallic grey was from a discontinued color from Lancome called “Designer”, but I found a similar one here

Irreverent Madame

Powder and Mascara from

Foundation is GA Face Fabric in #2

Eyebrows is in Medium Ash

Thank you Becky Jean Williams and Late Night Alumni for granting me permission to use their beautiful music. You guys are the best!

Please support their music by purchasing them at itunes. It’s just 99 cents!

Beck Jean Williams

All the Pretty Little Horses

Late Night Alumni


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