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OMG Neon Rainbow Makeup ♥ Bright Colors!!

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Bright, colorful rainbow eye makeup and neon ombre lips. To see a list of everything used, click SHOW MORE. I’m also on Snapchat now!! My username ► julia_graf

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► Products in order of appearance & where to buy:


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk http://bit.ly/1Dp8xBC
MakeupGeek Poppy http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-poppy.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
Smashbox Crease brush http://bit.ly/1EGmL12
MAC Orange
Ben Nye Cherry Red
MAC Chrome Yellow http://bit.ly/1JV6XaO
MakeupGeek Pixie Dust http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-pixie-dust.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
Makeup Forever ME 338 http://bit.ly/1HV6pTl
MAC Humid http://bit.ly/1bZ9LZR
MakeupGeek Poolside http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-poolside.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
MakeupGeek Neptune http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-neptune.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
MAC Blue Flame http://bit.ly/1DF9YXJ
Makeup Forever 922 http://bit.ly/1DF9nFf
MakeupGeek Wisteriahttp://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-wisteria.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
MakeupGeek Simply Marlena http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-simply-marlena.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
MakeupGeek Rapunzel http://www.makeupgeek.com/store/makeup-geek-eyeshadow-pan-rapunzel.html?acc=a597e50502f5ff68e3e25b9114205d4a
Kryolan Aqua Color White
Kryolan Cake Eyeliner Black
MAC Smolder eye kohl http://bit.ly/1yvlBVD
(highlight from a discontinued brand)
Sleek MakeUp lashes Siamese & Russian Blue


MAC Candy Yum Yum lipliner http://bit.ly/1biPeOQ
MAC Orange
MAC Chrome Yellow


Pop Beauty – Twenty Three

► My new camera, lens and where to buy:

UK: http://bit.ly/1Ge23FZ
DE: http://amzn.to/1Ik85E1
USA: http://amzn.to/1agtXFM

► NEU! Mein Deutsch Kanal: http://bit.ly/JuliaGrafDE

Music: https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds

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